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About Crypto code Cloud

What is the Crypto code App?

Cryptocurrencies have overshadowed the stock and forex markets over the past few years. They offer investors previously unheard of opportunities in a market that operates round-the-clock. Unlike stock trading, which has been closed off to so many people in the past due to the costs and complexities, cryptocurrency trading has become an available option to people all over the world.

Bitcoin was the first crypto to be launched on January 9, 2009. Between January and December 2017, Bitcoin recorded a massive growth of 958.32%. This saw early investors benefit mainly from this cryptocurrency and the other 1,600 different coins available. Crypto code has come to even the playing field and combines years of experience to give people a perfect opportunity to earn passive income daily from trading cryptocurrencies online.

The Crypto code was developed with the main goal of enabling anyone to trade these exciting digital assets and to profit.Our primary objective has always been to enhance growth in the cryptocurrency trading space.

Thanks to our powerful and intuitive interface and novel SmartTouch® technology, Crypto code offers automated trading signals supported by expert traders. Now, you can easily gain massive income from trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies. You can select from the over 100 assets while utilizing our superior trading algorithm.

To make it even better, you don’t need to spend hours working with Crypto code software to earn profits. Our award-winning app can automatically handle everything for you with just 2 clicks. As soon as the trading criteria are set up, the software will scan the markets and generate trading signals once profitable trading signals are found. This is followed by automated entry and exit of trades based on the chosen settings by the user.

With a 5-star customer support team to help you all the way, trading cryptocurrencies will never be easier.

About The Team

Crypto code is the creation of a group of expert traders and software engineers who believe in offering global investors the opportunity to leverage the Bitcoin trading world to gain financial freedom. Each group member has years of experience working for top fintech companies on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, making many people rich as a result.

After establishing a connection at a fintech conference, we bonded based on our shared values for the global financial system. This led to us merging our experience and expertise to work in creating something powerful enough to trade Bitcoin profitably and consistently.

The fruit of the partnership was Crypto code- a superior, intuitive, and automated cryptocurrency trading app.

The Uniqueness of Crypto code

trade digital currencies and enjoy the massive profits

Our mission is to guide you to success in trading and therefore, we created the Crypto code app with everything you need.

1Responsive Interface

Crypto code’s user interface is friendly and responsive. It performs functions the way you want it to, making it easy for new beginners to use. The software is also convenient to use as it is web-based. This means you don’t have to download any app as you can use it on any modern browser with Internet access.

2Top-Notch Security

Crypto code has a highly qualified team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting customer information and funds by using the highest security measures. The top-notch security is achieved while ensuring that the platform performance remains streamlined and efficient.

3Fully Vetted Partners

We are cautious about the partners we choose to work with. Each broker has gone through an in-depth vetting process and only the best and trusted were selected to serve our clients. The chosen brokers provide our traders with a safe and secure trading environment. Also, theyoffer educational materials, powerful trading tools, and excellent customer service. The Crypto code software is linked to the chosen brokers we partner with, giving you access to the trading platform where profitable trades will be made.


We believe in swift execution and excellent customer service. Our SmartTouch technology allows traders to enjoy fast, reliable, and automatic order executions 24/7. In this way, no trading opportunities are missed.

5Zero License Fees. Zero Commissions

Our software is free to use for everyone. We have zero license fees and no hidden charges or commissions. We wish for everyone to profit from using Crypto code and to attain financial freedom in the process.

5Around-the-clock Market

The Bitcoin and crypto market is open 24/7, and our software also operates day and nights. It offers continuous profit from day one, from trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

6Multiple Cryptos to Select

You can trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies available on our brokerage platforms.

7Customer Support

Our customer support team is known for providing excellent service to traders. They are there to assist you, regardless of the issue.